Common Toyota Service FAQs

Did you know that you now have TWO locations to find affordable and reliable auto service in Orlando? You heard right - both Toyota of Orlando and Toyota of Clermont have state-of-the-art Toyota Service Centers on site so you can easily address all of your auto service needs? and better yet, they both offer Toyota Service Coupons so you can do it without having to empty out your wallet!  You're in good hands when you visit our Toyota Service Centers, and we've collected even more helpful information for some of your car maintenance FAQs right here. Give us a visit today! 

Types of car batteries

Don't get stuck with a dead car battery. When it's time to replace yours, replace it with the best type for your car. Use this guide to figure out which one is perfect for you.

Do you need muffler repair? 
Are you due for muffler repair in Orlando? We can help you figure out whether or not you should schedule this important auto repair!

Recommended truck maintenance for hauling

Get your truck prepped for transporting a big haul with these auto service tips!

Tips for windshield wiper maintenance

Windshield wipers are an important part of safe driving. Use this guide to keep your windshield wipers working their best! 

Do you need specialty tires?

Depending on your driving habits, you might benefit from fitting your car with specialty tires. Take a look at this specialty car tire guide to find out if you invest in some.

Steering wheel auto service

Is your steering wheel vibrating? There are a few different reasons this could be happening. Find out what the source of the problem is so you can get it fixed fast!

Car tires
Do you know what type of car tires in Orlando you need, and how to pick out the correct type when you're due for them? Our Orlando Toyota Service Centers are here to help you with all things auto tires! 

What is leaking out of your car?

If you notice your car is starting to leak fluid, don't panic! Use this easy guide to find out what type of auto fluid leaking and where it is coming from.

Helpful broken car windshield tips

Make sure you know what to do when your windshield cracks. Here are some answers to common questions.

Winter Car Service 
Learn tips and trick to keep your car in shape this winter with the help from our Toyota Service Centers in Orlando. 

Do you need new car tires?
Do you know when it's time to purchase new car tires? Check out what warning signs to look out for!

Car Air Conditioner Care 

Get tips from our auto service techs to keep your car air conditioner in top shape! 

Toyota Parts for Pets
Protect the interior of your car with items from our Toyota Parts Centers!
Learn how to change a car tire
Changing a flat car tire is easy with tips from our Toyota Service Center!
Brake Failure Tips
Be prepared and know what to do when you experience brake failure to come to a safe stop! 
Radiator Repair
If your car is in need of radiator repair, bring it to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando!
How to maintain car brakes
Do you know how to make your car brakes last and avoid expensive brake service in Orlando? Find out!
Tips for at-home auto service
Want to do your auto service at home? Check out these tips from our Toyota Service Technicians! 
How to jump start your car
Do you know how to jump start a car? Our Toyota Service Centers are here with all the info you need! 
Stain Removal Tips
Check out these tips to get rid of those stubborn stains in your car
Your Car Won't Start
Why won't your car start, and what can you do about it? Our Toyota Service Centers are here to help!

Car Spark Plugs
Do you know what spark plugs are and when you should replace them? Our Charlotte auto service pros are sharing everything you need to know!
Dashboard lights
Do you know what your dashboard lights mean, and what course of action you should take when they light up? We've got tips straight from our Toyota technicians! 
Tire Rotations
How often should you schedule a tire rotation and why are they so important? We've got answers! 
Headlight Restoration
Do you need Orlando headlight restoration services? Let us get your headlights like-new again! 
Car overheating
Is your car overheating constantly? We're sharing reasons why you may have problems with your car overheating!

Check Engine Light
Do you know what steps to take when that pesky check engine light illuminates your dash? Our Toyota Service Centers have all the info you need! 
Maintaining your car battery
Do you know how to maintain your car battery? Toyota of Orlando and Toyota of Clermont have all the tips you need to care for this important part of your car's performance! 
Car Alternator Repair
How do you know your car alternator is in need of repair? Our Toyota Service techs explained the tell-tale signs of car alternator repair!

What is wheel alignment, and why is it important? 
Why should you get a wheel alignment, and how do you know when you're due for one? Our Toyota Service techs have all the info you need to keep your car in good shape! 
Oil changes
Do you know why oil changes are so important to your car's health and performance and how to tell if you're due for this important auto service? We can help you figure it out! 
What is a tune-up, and when does your car need one? We've got all the information you need and we provide this important auto service at both Toyota of Orlando and Toyota of Clermont! 
Car Fluid Maintenance
Oil isn't the only car fluid you have to keep your eye on - learn more about the other fluids under the hood that you should be maintaining on a regular basis! 
How to detail a car
Our Toyota Service Center is sharing tips for detailing your car like a pro! Check out these car maintenance tips.
What to expect when you service your car
Don't let auto service in Orlando stress you out; we're giving you a clear idea of what you can expect when you come to our Toyota Service Centers for car care! 
Summer car protection
Do you know how to protect your car from summer heat inside, out, and under the hood? We've got tips from our Toyota techs to help you figure out! 
At-home Oil Changes
Do you know how to perform an oil change at home? We've got the step by step instructions that you need to complete this essential part of routine car maintenance! 
Recommended Maintenance
Stay on top of the recommended maintenance schedule for your new Toyota in Orlando and maximize its performance - our Toyota techs have all the info you need right here! 
Brake Service
Brake service is an important part of your routine car maintenance - know how to spot signs of trouble and when to schedule it on a routine basis! 

Come to our family of dealerships for all of your auto service needs! 

When you visit our family of dealerships for auto service, you know you're in excellent hands. First of all, we have trained Toyota techs on staff so you know your car is in the care of a trustworthy mechanic who will work quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road. That's not the only perk, though! Here are just a few others: 

  • We offer price-matching on brakes, batteries, and tires so you don't have to waste time shopping around and visiting different car service centers - you'll get the best deal at our Orlando Toyota Service Centers! 
  • We offer top of the line products for all of your car maintenance needs, including Mobil Oil and Michelin, Gooyear, and Bridgestone tires. Get the quality car parts and auto maintenance tools you deserve! 
  • We have a fully stocked Parts Center on site, so if you need a specific part or just want to take your car to the next level, we're ready to help you do it (and we even offer parts specials to drive the prices down)!
  • We regularly offer Orlando Toyota Service Coupons as well so you can get auto service that's both high quality and reliable - be sure to check in with us every month to see what's up for grabs when it comes to treating your car right! 
  • We also conduct a multi-point inspection every time you bring your car by so we can identify any problems that might be developing - this easy and routine process could end up saving you thousands in the long run! 

Plus, we offer a wide variety of auto service at our family of dealerships. You'll be able to take care of things like: 

  • Cheap oil changes
  • Brake services
  • Tire services, like inflations, rotations, replacement, and balancing
  • Tuneups
  • Routine car maintenance
  • Air conditioning services
  • Headlight restoration 
  • Car fluid maintenance 

And more! 

You definitely deserve the best when it comes to car maintenance, and that's what we're ready to offer in TWO convenient locations. Toyota of Orlando (866-945-0493) is located at 3575 Vineland Road, and Toyota of Clermont (866-454-1614) is at 16851 State Road 50, just west of the Florida Turnpike. Get ready to save big on auto service with our family of dealerships!