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Have you ever been driving down the highway and something has flown up and hit your windshield? It can be very unnerving when you hear a rock or pebble strike your windshield, especially if you're traveling very fast on the highway. If your windshield ends up cracking or chipping, you'll need to schedule a windshield repair job right away! Our Orlando auto service center can replace or repair your windshield quickly so you can carry on with you day. Our expert Orlando auto techs are here to answer some questions and provide some tips for windshield repair.

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Are you in need of affordable windshield repair?

If it didn't shatter, it's ok, right?

Wrong. Windshield glass is not made out of ordinary house glass so it doesn't shatter when it breaks; however, it's not plastic nor indestructible. Windshield glass is made out of laminated glass which is layered, tempered, and fused with a rubber layer. This protects you from shattered glass in your lap when it's struck, but it will be weakened and vulnerable to more damage.

Why can't it wait?

It's important to schedule Orlando windshield repair immediately after your windshield breaks. A large crack can be dangerous. It lowers your ability to clearly see your surroundings and can grow larger. The auto techs at our Orlando Toyota service center suggests you bring your car in for windshield repair immediately after the crack happens.

Should I repair or replace?

You don't always need to replace your windshield when it's been compromised; however, you do always need to repair it. Our Orlando auto techs suggest you need windshield repair when the crack is less than 12 inches or the chip is smaller than a quarter. If it's larger, don't take your chances. Bring it in to our Orlando Toyota service center to replace your windshield.

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Let our Orlando auto service center help with windshield repair!

How do I prevent the crack from getting worse?

Never drive your car if you are unable to clearly see the road or if the windshield needs replaced.  If you are able to drive to our Orlando auto service center, you don't want to make the crack worse than it already is. Try not to slam your door until after you've had your windshield repaired. The crack may spread with even the slightest movement. Also, try not to turn your A/C or heat all the way up because the extreme change in temperatures can cause more fractures.

Can I protect the chip or crack?

If you're planning on bringing your car in for windshield repair make sure you protect the damage for the ride over. Put a clear piece of masking tape over the small crack or chip to prevent dirt from getting into it. Dirt and other foreign particles can get into the crack or chip and make it more difficult to repair. If you're in need for quick windshield repair, bring your car in to one of our Toyota Service Department locations! Visit us at Toyota of Orlando at 3575 Vineland Road or Toyota of Clermont at 16851 State Road 50.