Why is brake service in Orlando so important?

The value of regular car maintenance in Orlando can't be underrated. Not only is it important for drivers to give their vehicle the regular care that's needed to keep up with normal wear and tear (like routine oil changes in Orlando), but other types of car maintenance shouldn't be ignored. 

One important form of auto repair that shouldn't be pushed to the side is brake service. When it comes to taking care of your car's brakes, prevention is one the best things drivers can do to help avoid a simple fix from growing out of control and becoming more expensive. Paying attention to warning signs can come in handy so drivers can tell when their brakes need some car maintenance in Orlando! 

Take care of your car's brake system with car maintenance in Orlando!

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The brake system in a vehicle isn't made up of just one part. There are a lot of different pieces that work together to provide your car with the braking power it needs! Because of this, there's also plenty of opportunity for something to malfunction or need to be replaced.  

  • Brake pads: This is a key part of the brake system, and at some point the brake pads need to be replaced completely because of how much work they do! They're flat, shiny discs that press down to help slow and stop the wheel. 
  • Brake rotors: This part of the system is just as important as the brake pads, and also requires routine car maintenance in Orlando. The brake pads clamp down onto the brake rotors to help stop the wheels from moving. If this part of the system starts to malfunction, then then the car's stopping power won't be as strong!
  • Brake shims: These brake parts can create a lot of noise if they're not working properly. They help keep the brake pads and rotors form squealing or colliding. If the shims aren't performing like they need to, then both the pads and rotors can be affected.  
  • Brake lines: The brake line is important because it helps transfer the brake fluid from when you press the brake pedal to the actual brake system. If the brake lines aren't working properly, then pressing the brake pedal may not deliver the stopping power you were expecting!
These are only a few of the parts that need to be examined when the brake system needs to get checked out. How can you tell if the system needs some car maintenance in Orlando, though? There are a few warning signs that can give you a head's up!

What are the warning signs that brakes need car maintenance in Orlando? 

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There are a few key warning signs drivers should know of to make sure their vehicle's brakes don't need any special care or attention. 

Pay attention to strange sounds

Most of the time, drivers know that if they hear a strange sound then they should probably get that checked out. However, brakes that need some car maintenance can make many types of noises!
  • A car might make a few squeaking or groaning noises in the morning, especially if the weather has turned colder and you park your vehicle outside. However, if you think that your car is making some strange noises that aren't common, it's better to be safe than sorry. Make an appointment at either our Toyota of Orlando or Toyota of Clermont Toyota Service Center to get everything checked out as soon as possible.
  • If you happen to hear a high-pitched squealing noise, then it's possible the brake shims could be malfunctioning, or another part of the brake system needs some TLC. The best course of action is to bring the car in for car maintenance in Orlando right away. 
  • Besides the high-pitched squealing noise drivers often associate with brake problems, sometimes the brake system can also make a grinding noise if it needs some Orlando car maintenance. This can be a sign the brake pads are worn down, which is definitely a form of auto care that shouldn't be ignored! 

Do the brakes feel differently?

It might sound strange, but drivers can usually notice if the brakes in their vehicle feel differently when something isn't working properly, or if the car handles different. 
  • If the brakes pulse or vibrate whenever you push down on them, then it's possible the brake rotors need to be adjusted. To avoid greater damage (and more expensive repairs), schedule an appointment for car maintenance in Orlando sooner rather than later to take care of any issues right away. 
  • Also, if your vehicle keeps pulling over to one side then this could be another sign that some car maintenance in Orlando is needed. The brake lines may have some uneven wear and tear, the fluid might need to be changed, or something else might be at fault! Either way, it's important to make sure everything is in order and working properly, and some simple car maintenance can help fix it! 

Think your car's brakes need some care and TLC? You can visit either one of our Toyota Service Centers to get it the car maintenance it needs! Stop by Toyota of Orlando (3575 Vineland Rd) or Toyota of Clermont (16851 State Road 50) to give your ride's brakes important car maintenance today!